I am writing to give you my opinions and review the things I use day to day as well as all the weird and wonderful things I get up to now and again.

If you are anything like me I always try my best to find out what people think of a product or event before I spend money on something, this always seems to be a challenge with the types of things I want to do and the products I want to purchase. This is my chance to give out my views to anyone in that situation.

Hopefully people in their 20’s that have concerns about money but still want to enjoy themselves and splurge occasionally on products for themselves will be able to take my thoughts into consideration before wasting money on things that never live up to the hype.

I will do my best between my two jobs to review many things from food to skin products, make up to the latest adventurous activity’s I participate in.

I now work full time during the week in a 7:30am to 5pm job in construction I never saw myself doing but I love it. I also work weekends for a local café, waitressing to add extra pennies into my mortgage fund. I try my best to look after my hair my skin, keep fit and eat healthy despite my love of unhealthy things.

I want to give my thoughts out in between my busy life style and tell tales of everything that makes my day better and sometimes easier.