Disturbed, Ally Pally, 11/05/19

Disturbed, Ally Pally, 11/05/19

It all went horribly wrong.

Dean and I were super excited to be seeing Disturbed The other week, even more so Dean as he had splashed some extra cash for a meet and greet ticket for himself! I know, jealous much. The night of the 10th May we were starting to panic as Dean hadn’t received an email or any information regarding when the meet and greet was happening. Between the two of us we then spent the morning of the 11th trying to contact anyone and everyone. No response from Warner Music Group who were meant to be organising the event and nothing from Ticketmaster either. As a Last resort I decided to ring Alexandra Palace directly to try and find out any information I could. Nobody could help us.

As we don’t live very close to London, we got up to Alexandra Palace two hours before doors. Despite our efforts Dean was too late. As you can imagine Dean was heartbroken, and we were all disappointed for him. Dean was still allowed to be one of the first in to the venue and this made life just as difficult as by this point people were queuing around the building and I was kicking myself a little bit for not getting in the line sooner! Eventually when security started letting people in, I did my best to get the rest of us in as quickly as possible and once we finally made it through the doors the rest of the group headed for food while I went to find my sad but still incredibly handsome man. Warner Music Group could have saved Dean and another woman with her young daughter who also were not contacted a lot of upset with a simple email.

After commiserating with a beer, we attempted to round everyone up. This didn’t work either and after missing the warm up act that was Skindred and much to our disappointment Disturbed’s first song ‘Are You Ready’ off the newest album we quickly got ourselves into the crowd, so we didn’t miss anything else. Ow My Gosh was it hot, half way through the set I was hanging on to Dean for dear life as there was no air left to breath by this point. I sung my heart out to the ‘Sound of Silence’ while deafening the people around me before I drastically required H2O. The best part about squeezing through the crowd was bumping into a lady that had brought a little hand-held fan with her and after calling her a genius she turned it round on my face for a few seconds of pure pleasure.

Overall it was a roller-coaster of a day but getting to see Disturbed play and especially getting to belt out a couple of classics including ‘Down with the Sickness’ at the end just took the biscuit. I can’t fault the band and I cannot wait until I can see them again! Hopefully next time runs a lot smoother and Warner Music Group really get their act together!

Disturbed play Alexandra Palace 11 May 2019
Disturbed play Alexandra Palace 11 May 2019

P.s I didnt manage to get any good pictures so have some I stole from Google!

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