Carbon Theory Cleansing Bar Review

Carbon Theory Cleansing Bar

Toxins out and nourishment in.

I have both seen and heard very good things about this bar and how well it has been working for people with acne, the transformations I have seen online look incredible. Every time I see a ‘miracle’ product I am skeptical, is it really true?

I wanted to find out!

The main ingredients of the bar:
Charcoal gently draws out deep down bacteria, toxins and excess oil
Tea Tree Oil a natural antiseptic which reduces inflammation and keeps skin clear & healthy
Shea Butter keeps skin nourished and hydrated

Let’s start with the price of the bar, at £6.00 it’s an incredibly affordable product, but does it work? When I first opened the packet, the smell hit me instantly, it’s everything you could ask for in a smell, especially a soap. Fresh, clean and natural are the words that spring to mind and I didn’t hesitate to use it straight away.

From the ingredients above summed up, its intention is to clean your skin without drying it out! I find with my skin, Tea Tree normally tends to dry it out very quickly, so I had everything crossed that all the ingredients combined wouldn’t have that effect this time.

Carbon Theory Bar in Pack


After a week of using this bar alongside my everyday cleanser and moisturiser I must admit my skin feels soft and hydrated. I have noticed that my pores are visibly smaller, I have still had a few small spots but nothing major and they have cleared up within a day or two. The spots are less red as soon as I have washed them and just don’t feel angry.

When I wash the soap off my face initially, I get that strange feeling you sometimes get with hotel soap where it makes your hands sort of stick when you rub together. I get it on my face and my hands for a minute or two before it fades, it doesn’t change the fact I am going to carry on using the soap. I personally am just not a fan of that feeling even if it is only briefly.

Carbon Theory Bar

I have been rather impressed with the way my skin has felt the last week and I am looking forward to carrying on using the cleansing bar. I would also really like to try some other products from Carbon Theory, like their masks and the Facial Moisturiser. Its relatively cheap and an all-natural Vegan friendly product that I am finding has lovely refreshing results on my skin, for £6.00 I would say give it a go for yourself.

One thought on “Carbon Theory Cleansing Bar Review

  1. I’ve never used soap on my face (just bottled cleansers or wipes etc) but I like the ingredients in this one – if I can find it over here (U.S.) then I may give it a try. I’ve seen similar soaps in local stores but it’s always good to go and find something someone has actually tried! Great post!

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