Avril Lavigne – NEW ALBUM ‘Head Above Water’

Avril Lavigne – NEW ALBUM ‘Head Above Water’

She’s back? *Confused face*

The name Avril Lavigne almost doesn’t mean the same thing it did back in the days of ‘Let go’, Avril has suffered a few identity crises over the last few years. The real-life ones and of course we can’t forget the saga of strange internet conspiracy theory’s suggesting she had taken her own life and been replaced with a body double.

Being a big Avril fan as a kid it has been a struggle to watch her music attempts since ‘Best Dame Thing’ was released in 2007. Even this album wasn’t the most fitting style for the tone Avril had already set with the previous two albums, but it was catchy and upbeat, that was enough to keep it in my car CD collection all these years.

In 2013 Avril released ‘Avril Lavigne’ her self-named album that totally felt like we were listening intensely to her midlife crisis, especially with the likes of ‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘Bad girl’ featuring Marilyn Manson. Avril has never outdone the likes of ‘let go’ the album all us 20 something year old’s had on repeat until the CD was scratched beyond repair.


Now we have ‘Head above water’ ahead of its release Avril said, ‘This is me and my fight’ and ‘This album tells my story’ A press release announced: “You’re hearing the songstress as she was always meant to sound,” before detailing the 34-year-old’s life-threatening battle with Lyme disease. This album is a new stepping stone for Avril Lavigne and shows us she still has the talent from her first album and only now figuring out how to put it to some good use.


One thought on “Avril Lavigne – NEW ALBUM ‘Head Above Water’

  1. I haven’t listened to Avril Lavigne since the days of Let Go, she was my childhood hero I would listen to her songs on repeat, I have read reviews of albums since but always felt like I would be disappointed if I listened to them.


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