FEVER 333 – ‘STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS’ Album Review

FEVER 333 – ‘STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS’ Album Review.

After the end of ‘Letlive’ in 2017, we were all left with the question what would frontman, Jason Aalon Butler do next? Jason has not disappointed as a year and a half ago ‘Fever 333’ was born from the ashes. They have already made quite the impression with Ep ‘Made An America’ released in 2018. The band is made up of three, Jason is backed by two musicians equally as incredible in the form of ex ‘The Chariot’ guitarist Stevis Harrison and ‘Night Verses’ drummer Aric Improta.

‘Strength In Numb333rs’ addresses some current day issues, from the first few seconds of ‘Burn It’ the album had my full attention. If the intention was to wake up their fans, I think it’s working. This album gives us hope all our voices are heard.

If you are anything like me, you will notice how together these three musicians flirt between genres with such ease. We have an album full to the brim with rock, metal, hip hop, post-hardcore, punk and some drum’n’bass.

Jason Aalon Butler said the album was based on the three Cs. ‘COMMUNITY, CHARITY and CHANGE’. A strength of bringing people together. ‘Take back your power and know there is STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS’.  I really love the overall vibe of this album and hopefully I can try and catch a ‘Fever 333’ gig this year as I would love to hear it live.

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