Cancer Bats 7/2/19 Cambridge Junction Review

Cancer Bats 7/2/19 Cambridge Junction Review.

It has been around 10 years since Canadian Hardcore Metal band ‘Cancer Bats’ played a gig at the Cambridge Junction and it was very exciting for Dean and I to see them closer to home for once. So close in fact I drove us to the gig for a change.

After a short pit stop at McDonalds on the way to Cambridge, we arrived just in time to see the end of the second warm up act ‘Bleed from Within’ a Scottish metal band that we have both now become fans of. Unfortunately, we missed ‘Underside’ a metal band all the way from Nepal.

I couldn’t believe how quiet the venue was, it had only been a week since we were there at a completely packed out Enter Shikari gig. I was disappointed to see so few fans turn up to support Cancer Bats so closer to home. Dean and I managed to arrive nearly two hours after the venue opened, grab a pint during ‘Bleed from Within’ and make it to the front barrier just as Cancer Bats came on to stage.

With it being almost a year since the surprise release of ‘The Spark That Moves’ I must admit I have not put many hours of listening into it. I didn’t know many of the first few songs Cancer Bats started the set with, this only became awkward whenever I made eye contact with Liam, Jaye or Scott as I wasn’t singing along. None the less I wasn’t moving an inch. Cancer bats played around 19 songs altogether only stopping every three or four to enlighten us with their positivity and witty comments. The crowd however small was wrapped around Liam Cormier’s (lead vocals) every word and (speaking for myself only) very intrigued by Jaye R. Schwarzer’s (bass guitar, backing vocals) no shirt dungaree look (he rocked it). Mike Peters (drums) has not been a part of the latest tour as he and his wife are having their second baby, instead we had the pleasure of ‘Wim Coppers’ an on loan Belgian drummer. I don’t have much to add about Scott Middleton (Guitar, backing vocals) but that’s only because he was incredible as usual, the man knows his way around a guitar.

The set finished with possibly the best four songs Cancer Bats could have chosen. Sabotage, Lucifer’s Rocking Chair, Road sick and my favorite off the new album Gatekeeper. The evening was then tied up in a cute little bow by running into Liam all hot and sweaty as he came off stage to see his fans, a photo or two later and we were on the road home.

Cancer Bats never disappoint with their positive energy and hardcore punk/ metal sound, I look forward to what they have got up their sleeves for us next.


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