Architects – ‘Holy Hell’ Album Review


With Holy Hell being the bands eighth album, fans were expecting a lot. This being the first release since the tragic death of guitarist Tom Searle it’s come with a huge weight on the rest of the band’s shoulders. Tom’s twin brother Dan, vocalist Sam and bassist Ali have risen from the fiery pits of grief with a vengeance releasing Holy Hell one of the bands best albums so far and one of my favorite releases from 2018.

Each song on this album is heavy with sadness and anger following the stages of grief. Holy Hell had a great involvement from Dan on lyrics, making the emotions of losing his twin brother massively written into this album, giving us all the feels. From the beginning to the end you ride the story of the bands pain and how they have learnt to live with it. Right from the first track ‘Death is not defeat’ it brings hope and light to those experiencing pain or loss themselves.

I was glad to find out Snippets of demos, riffs and voice notes from Tom were cut up and scattered through the record, a metaphor for the band scattering his ashes in memory of the beloved, abiding modern metal fallen star.

The end of Toms chapter opened the door to the Architects latest member, Josh Middleton. With Josh having such a strong start with incredible talent behind him Holy Hell has really introduced us to the new sound of the Architects and shown us they are not afraid to push their own boundaries taking all aspects of their music to new levels. The Architects have never been for the faint-hearted listeners but it’s hard not to feel moved by any song off Holy Hell.

My favorite song off the album is ‘Doomsday’ but I also feel an emotional connection the hunting lyrics of ‘A Wasted Hymn’ I think it’s a feeling every single person can relate to, showing us the louder we shout the more we might believe in ourselves again and find our way. ‘All is not lost’ and if we say it one more time, we might actually believe it. The only direction I can see the Architects going is up, I am on the edge of my seat to see what’s coming next.

My Holy Hell review on GSGM


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