The Maine ‘Numb Without You’; New album coming 29/3

The Maine – You Are Ok ‘Numb Without You’

After a week of teasing us and dropping hints of a potential new release, last night at around midnight The Maine gave us exactly what we had all been hoping for and it was definitely worth the wait. The Maine released the single ‘Numb Without You’ last night and I must admit to already listening to it 1000 times over.

This talented group have also informed us the new album ‘You Are Ok’ is set to be released on the 29th March this year.


I am keeping everything crossed that the time will fly by as I already can’t wait to see The Maine preform again at the 02 Forum on the 6th April, this should give me enough time to binge listen to the new album as soon as it comes out.

The last Gig of The Maines I managed to see was at Download Festival 2018. I was very disappointed to see such a small crowd come to support one of my favorite bands, but it meant I got to stand right at the front in the middle of the small crowd within reaching distance of John O’Callaghan. This was an amazing opportunity for me to really experience the music I have loved for years up close and personal. The Group had all of us completely engaged as they interacted all the way through, pulling up volunteers and getting us to sing along.


I Fell in love instantly, I could tell right away it was The Maine as it had the distinctive voice of John O’callaghan and the song really shines a light on how the main are moving forward with their sound. It’s an upbeat song with a very catchy chorus soon to be stuck in all of our heads. The lyrics are relatable to anyone listening, it really makes me think of missing someone so much it’s like you have lost one of your vital organs! There is love and hate in every relationship that is important to you and I think that’s really something written within these lyrics. ‘You are my glitter and my gloom, I am so numb without you’. I can proudly say I am very excited about The Maines new song and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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