Pale Waves

27th September

After discovering the song ‘Eighteen’ I quickly fell in love with Pale Waves and as soon as I saw they were releasing an album and touring in September I knew I had to book tickets!

The time flew by and before I knew it I was getting ready to head up to London to see Pale Waves live for the first time. I may have forgotten about the release of the album until a few days before the gig, so I binged it to try and learn some of the songs! I quickly decided what songs were my favorites and the ones I really couldn’t wait to see live!

I met Jo around 1600 and we slowly made our way into London! It was around 1630 when we arrived in Shepherd’s Bush so we quickly smelt out the closest spoons for some pre gig drinks. Between the two of us we decided we were not that bothered about seeing the support acts as we hadn’t a clue who they were, so we just stayed in spoons a little longer having a drink and a good ol’ catch up! By 2000 we decided to head on over to the gig as Pale Waves were due on stage at 2045 (I bet they wouldn’t go on until at least 2100) After getting inside and squeezing our way to a decent spot somewhere in the middle of the crowd in the standing stalls we waited.

Pale Waves Live

Surprise, surprise… I was right and Pale Waves didn’t come on the stage until just gone 2100.

The time flew past while we watched Pale Waves perform as it always does at any gig. I really enjoyed seeing them live, they were amazing, just like listening to the album. My top songs of the night were ‘Red’ and ‘Came in Close’. These are my two favorites off the album and for me there is nothing better than getting to hear your top songs live. My only critique of the night would be that Heather Baron-Gracie did not interact with the crowd at all, she didn’t speak between songs or bother getting the crowd all rowdy and excited, this just seemed to make the time move by even quicker. It was disappointing, but it didn’t change the quality of the music.

Jo and I both really enjoyed the evening and managed to get ourselves on the express train home after picking up some McDonald’s for the journey. I ended up making it home before I would ordinarily finish work, it was a win win evening for me and I couldn’t have asked for better company either.

I am really looking forward to seeing one of my favorites more than once next month. Bring me Shinedown baby!

Record PW

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