Save Our Souls

Save Our Souls,

I stumbled across this amazing clothing brand through a couples of my friends that had seen adds on Facebook and they really liked the style of the brand. I immediately liked the clothes and prints they had on offer and as I learnt more about the company I had fallen in love with them very quickly.


All About the company

Save Our Souls was founded in 2017 and is an alternative lifestyle brand committed to providing the highest quality apparel using sustainable, environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. How great is that! Even if you aren’t particularly environmentally friendly in any other parts of your life, knowing you are buying form a brand like this and knowing your money is going to good quality clothing from a company that cares is amazing.

All of SOS’s designs are printed using bio-degradable, sustainable and water-based inks, as if that wasn’t amazing on its own they also only print on garments made by Continental and Earth Positive, both of whom are members of Fair Wear Foundation.

(Fair Wear Foundation’s mission is to improve labor conditions for the hundreds of thousands of workers involved making clothes for FWF member companies.)

SOS is based in the UK and they are driven by a love of tattoos, music, art and life. SOS works with lots of incredible artists from all over to create totally unique artwork! Currently SOS have T-shirts, hats and bags on offer as well as a range of male grooming products.

What I got my hands on

The first item I received from SOS is probably one of my favorites.

Both my dad and I love the film ‘Snatch’ and god knows how many times we have watched it. When I noticed one of the SOS t-shirts had the quote ‘Who took the jam out your doughnut’ I couldn’t help but have a good old giggle with dad, I had full intention of purchasing it for myself but without a second thought my dad bought it for me as a birthday present. I was over the moon and always have a little grin on my face when I wear it.


The other items I received from SOS are from the latest collection, two t-shirts one in the style ‘Summer Loving Women’s T-Shirt’ (£19.00) and the second one has the logo ‘fuck you I wont do what you tell me’. Theas t-shirts are fun and totally fit my style and personality. All three t-shirts I have do come us a little big on me as I am a rather small 6 to 8 but they are still incredibly comfy. The material is soft, and the prints are also very light weight and you don’t have that typical plasticky feel to them. I also kindly get sent two prints to frame and hang in my room of the ‘Summer Loving’ and the ‘Jammy Doughnut’. The prints look lovely and really add some colour to my walls.

All the SOS designs are unique, bright and fun. SOS are a fab company, working towards some extraordinary things. I am so happy to be a little part of the journey and hope I can help support them in the future.


use code ‘LOTTIE15’ for and extra 15% off your purchase.

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