The Garden Path

So recently it’s been my birthday and I have had a fantastic bank holiday weekend with some amazing people that I am so lucky to have in my life.

I have realised I have neglected my blog again,


I have been working on some more short stories and poems recently that I am not 100% sure if that are finished or not but I think it’s time to let you read them.



Up The Garden Path (This is my first attempt at a poem so be kind.)

All I hear from your tongue is lie after lie,

I give my all a thousand times

But I fail with each try.


Up the garden path I go,

Innocent with big wide eyes

Not knowing you would be my foe.


I believed every word you said,

I was too weak to speak my mind

Every time you let me in your bed.


Up the garden path I go,

with every breath I took a step

Trying hard to take it slow.


Feeling the tightness of your ties,

Seeing darkness in the view

Finally realizing the truth behind your lies.


Up the garden path I go,

I gave you everything I had

Never wanting you to know.


Truth is I am afraid Ill never find the one.

But I will continue with a smile

And won’t give up until it’s done.


Quiet Silence

I toss and turn in the night with nothing but the quiet engulfing me,

I wake to the silence on my skin like a poison,

It seeps into my blood and numbs my brain.

My pupils dilate and my hands tremble.

I sip my morning tea but still feel empty.

I feel the calm caress my skin like a soft summers breeze,

turning my body cold.

Nobody to talk to, to reply to.

Nothing but the pleasure of my own company.

For a short while I am at peace,

Until the same thoughts roll around and around in my head making the silence unbearable.


A Poem From An Anonymous – (This was sent to me from an anonymous source but I felt the need to include it) I DID NOT WRITE THIS.

I lay awake at night, thinking of her…
And all the beautiful things I wish I could say to her.

The way she smiles, the way she stares,
The way I wish I could always be there.

How she makes my heart beat so…
A fire inside that continues to grow.

The way she tastes or how she smells…
Descend upon me like bewitching spells.

All that she is and the potential I see…
Alluring, intoxicating, it suffocates me.

Not once have I felt this way…
To all she desires I can’t but obey.

Oh dark seductive angel please give me a sign…
I can’t help but wonder was this all her design.

A saint I am not nor perfect, you see…
This life I have chosen, I wish to be free.
I Will

You were nearly empty, she took all you were and all you had.

But I saw a flicker in your eyes of the person you used to be.

I saw the slightest piece of sanity she had left behind.

Through all the pain and all the loss there was a person still inside.

Hiding from the world behind a skin of lies and deception.

A confused whirlwind from within trying to function like the rest of us.

I knew something dark was pumping around your body, through your veins keeping you in your own hell on earth.

I knew what it felt like and how difficult it was to escape it on your own.

I will defend you and excuse you of all the wrongs you have done along the way.

I will fight for the person trapped inside.

I will pull you up from hell and place you firmly on the ground.

I will help you piece by piece put your sanity back together.

Because sometimes you can’t do it on your own.

And sometimes your support needs a leg up too.


Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed a few more of my strange dark ramblings and a completely anonymous poem.

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