Cancer Bats 26/04/18 Camden Underworld Review

Cancer Bats 26/04/18 Camden Underworld Review

We made our way up to London early afternoon, so we had plenty of time to mooch around Camden. Both my friend Dean and I are off to Download Festival in June, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get some bits from the market. After a few hours we decided we had earned ourselves some food, me being a vegetarian my options were slightly less but after much contemplation I decided halloumi fries were the best way to go. Dean decided to go for the so much messier option of a hot dog, drizzled in a substantial amount of ketchup and mustard, but we were both agreed that the fresh food off the market was delicious.

As it got closer and closer to 7pm when the doors were due to open at Underworld we made our way to my Favorite pub in London ‘The worlds End’ for a few drinks.

It got to about 7:30pm and we decided to make our way next door to the venue ‘Underworld’. Despite seeing many bands here in the past I couldn’t remember the layout for the life of me and that might have had something to do with my previous intake of alcohol but moving on… as soon as I walked down the stairs it all came flooding back to me and at that moment I spotted my favorite human being of all time just sitting on the merch table chatting to his fans, it was of course Liam Cormier. As Dean got the drinks in I headed right to the merch stand and after buying the new album ‘The Spark That Moves’ shirt I couldn’t help myself but go and say hello to Liam. This was the third time I had actually got to meet him but that was by far the best as I had much more control over my inner fan girl than I ever used to… After the most down to earth conversation about social media and previous gigs we took some stupid photos before I realised I should probably head back to my friend and leave poor Liam to chat to the rest of his fans!


Underworld is one of my favorite gig venues as its so small and intimate, you are never far away from the stage, it also has two bars and some of the cleanest gig venue toilets I have seen in a while!

After hearing the first opening act ‘Funeral Shakes’ it was starting to get a little warm in the crowd, so we headed outside for a breather before ‘Death by Stereo’ came on. I was so impressed by both opening bands and even got the pleasure of meeting Rob from ‘Death by Stereo’ these guys were so great, I will 100% be adding them to my playlist as soon as possible. Once we got outside Dean mentioned how he was super jealous I got to meet Scott from Cancer Bats a few years back at an Axewound gig in Islington. As if by magic the universe opened, Scott walked up behind us and we got the pleasure of meeting him again and even got some more photos (by this point in the night I was finding it hard to control my inner fan girl!)


Finally, it was time for Cancer Bats. Without thinking Dean and I were right at the front in the middle and as soon as the first beat of ‘Bricks and Mortar’ played we were swept to the right by the opening of the mosh pit. The next few songs they played were ‘Road Sick’ ‘RATS’ and ‘Hail Destroyer’ it was honestly amazing to hear some of my favorite songs again and being so close to the action! We danced, and head banged the night away until it was time for us to go. The best thing was as soon as Cancer Bats had finished on stage and we were making our way out, Liam was there at the merch table all sweaty, hot and bothered but he was there none the less again to see all his fans.

Thank you so much Underworld for having us and thank you Funeral Shakes, Death by Stereo and of course Cancer Bats for an insane night with amazing music as always.

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