One moment everything was fine, I was dancing with a drink in my hand making polite conversation with his friends. We were talking about tattoos when my heart started to pound against my chest, getting faster and faster. Suddenly I could see there lips moving but I couldn’t hear a word that came out of there mouths. The silence became a ringing that just got louder by the second. I couldn’t catch my breath and my whole body was giving way underneath me.

The panic subsided, It was that feeling of nothing again. No fear and no pain just an empty space waiting for something to fill the void. My head spinning but at the same time I couldn’t move if I wanted to. My body limp waiting for my strings to be pulled. I had lost control for a split second, grabbing and reaching for anything that would awaken me from this nightmare.

When I gained consciousness, it was as if nothing had changed and time had lapsed for everyone around me. Panic had set me apart from reality and now I wasn’t sure witch pain I preferred.

Charlotte Louise.

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