‘If you loved me’

If you love me you will sacrifice yourself, give me the things I want at the expense of yourself.

If you don’t give in then you don’t love me. Prove yourself with your body and walk into the flames, never looking back and never saying no.

I am strong and you are weak. Your opinion and your words means nothing to me.

If I am defined by the choices I make then I am a monster. I can’t stop though, I don’t want to. My grip around her grows tighter and the pleasure becomes pain. I push harder, dig deeper and I always get what I want.

She is my property and nobody, not even she can take that away from me.

Isn’t love beautiful?

Never having an opinion, always doing as you’re told.

If you love me you would stop when I say stop, you would know that no means no.

If you loved me.

Charlotte Louise.

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