Highlights of 2017

My Highlights of 2017

Starting Charlotte Louise

I started my blog back in August/ September and it has been such an amazing experience and such a learning curve. I finally had the confidence to just go for it and set one up after having wanted to for ages. I’m getting a chance to be myself to a completely different range of people. I have gotten back into my writing and photography and I hope to be editing videos by the end of January. I can’t wait to see where this might take me in 2018.

My Relationship

I started the year with a boyfriend of two years and ended the year pretty darn single. So, for now a relationship is non-existent in my life. If I am honest I am glad to have a little break and focus on myself! I am not looking for ‘the one’ I just aim to be happy and enjoy myself this year and if Mr Right happens to walk into my life one day, then that would be fabulous. Until then I am happy being just me!


In December I started working at my local pub (The Star) and I can honestly say I love it so much. The owners are two incredible people and it’s an honour that I have the chance to get to know them! I have also met lots of different people along the way and hopefully made some great friends. If you managed to read my last post, you will know I recently made the decision to leave my ‘Day Job’ working for a construction company and how its lifted an enormous weight off my shoulders. Rather than working 24/7 doing three jobs I will only be working two that I really enjoy. (Hopefully this will give me some more time to give my blog some TLC)


I feel like with the pressures of being in a failing relationship this year and all the working i have been doing I managed to neglect my two best friends in the world! Both became single earlier in the year and while I was still trying to salvage my relationship it felt like I had lost them! Katie and Sophie are my shining stars and I love them more than anything. I hope that in 2018 I can really step up the game and spend lots of time with my favourite girlies! I also hope to make loads of new friends this year and fingers crossed it’s going well so far.


My family and I are pretty close, I have really enjoyed spending some time together over Christmas. I am already missing my little sister to the high heavens, so I am feeling a little trip to Nottingham and a messy night is to come very shortly!



I think I have done rather well in the travel department this year, I have been to:

Derry – Ireland (April)

Madrid – Spain (May)

Boston & NYC – America (June/July)

Nice – France (August)

I had such a great time in all these places and can’t wait to do more travelling in 2018!


I didn’t get to see half the bands I wanted to this year. I did however manage to end the year with two of my favourite bands of all time and on both occasions, it was my first time seeing them live. First was ‘The Maine’ in September, this was one of the most rushed but amazing nights I have ever had. I went with my Ex Boyfriend who never seemed to get involved and just stood behind me, so I just embraced the music and enjoyed myself. The second gig I went to was ‘Five Finger Death Punch’ and honestly this was one of the best nights of my life (so far) you can read more about it as I did a full review here.


What was your top highlight from 2017? 

Thanks for reading.


15 thoughts on “Highlights of 2017

  1. Sounds like a real rollercoaster of a year for you. I too started to blog in the last quarter of the year so I totally relate to that aspect of your reflections. It’s important to make time for yourself and your friends so sounds like you’re trying to regain the balance which is great. I hope 2018 is full of ups!

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  2. You’ve done a lot in 2017!! I hope 2018 is good to you which I’m sure it will be! I also started my blog in August of 2017. Jumped ahead and did it despite being scared to for a long time because I didn’t think I was a good writer! Your travels seem like they were absolutely fun! My goal is to travel SOMEWHERE this year! Although in 2017 I got my first apartment and that was exciting! Great read!


  3. I really enjoyed this post, I’m so jealous of all the travelling you did! I’m glad you’re in a job you’re happy with too, I think its so important to have like harmony on all levels! Wishing you the best 2018 my love! 💙 xx

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  4. Wow you definitely had a great year!! You did so much travelling too. It’s always nice to look back on what we did or achieved. My favourite highlight of my 2017 was graduating university!!

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