Dressed All In Black

I am very relieved to say this week I decided to leave one of my three jobs, the one I was least flexible in. Yes this is the one that pays me the most but I have decided that money is not as important as my happiness. If you read my Page religiously you will know that in the last few months a lot has changed for me and this is another step I have taken to focus on myself.

In light of realising I seem to have lost any items of black clothing I may have owned at some point, I have been doing some shopping. I wear black all the time, so I would have thought it would be easy to shop for more bits I can pull off at work (as I am only meant to wear plain black). I must admit I found it slightly harder than expected to pick out several items I thought would look nice without showing off too much boob or bod.

These are the items I purchased:

I started looking on Top Shop and realised I didn’t want to pay that much for work clothes.. Even if I could wear them normally too.

I decided to look on missguided instead as the prices are much more reasonable, I managed to get a couple of great bargains.

·      Black distressed long sleeve sweatshirt – £22

Distressed Jumper

·      Crew neck ribbed top black – £8

Ribbed Crew Neck Top

·      Petite boyfriend v-neck t-shirt black – £8

v neck

·      Open back t shirt – £12

Open back top

·      V-neck cross strap front t-shirt black – £12

Cross front

In total with my sister’s student discount this came to – £57.79 (Next Day Delivery)

I can not argue with that as it’s enough to give me some choice when I am getting ready for work!

I didn’t stop there… After misguided I decided to have a cheeky look on Missyempire and ended up with two more things in my basket!

The first item was – Alisha Black Eyelet Lace Detail T Shirt – £18

A Item from Missy Empire

The second item I fell in love with at first sight, so I knew I had to buy it! – Molly Longline Black Soft Cardigan – £34

A Item from Missy Empire cardi

As I was checking out at FULL PRICE I got a popup saying, ‘Don’t Go take 15% off’ with code ‘DONTGO’, obviously I added it to my basket and with next day delivery at £3.99 plus the discount my total came to £48.19.

I didn’t think this was bad for what I ordered ..I could be wrong.

I felt very successful after my little shopping spree and in total I have 6 new black tops and a new cardigan to give me at least a few different outfits I can play with.

I know that this is a common thing to just be asked to wear black or dark clothing in a job, so I would love to know where you shop for bits that aren’t too expensive but still add a little bit of style to your work wardrobe!

Send Help!

Black Unico

11 thoughts on “Dressed All In Black

  1. I shop online and honestly there’s aren’t many places I shop at that are inexpensive! The shirts you got were CUTE! Love! Also, mental health is more important. I worked 3 jobs at once before myself and I rarely slept and was rather unhappy. It’s good to focus on your happiness!

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  2. We love black so enjoyed looking at all the photos that you posted. Good luck with your future and we are glad you choose happiness first.


  3. I used to have to wear all black for work, from a black cap to black shoes. It was awful.
    I used to get all my stuff from Prinark, because they would ruin easily.
    Then, they change my position and I had to work weddings and they changed the dress code to wearing white blouses and fancy shoes. It annoyed me, as it was the same company and I had to buy my own and switch from black to white.

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  4. I wore only black for years, then suddenly decided to switch it up with white and colors… only to realize one day that I didn’t even own a pair of black pants or a simple sweater anymore! I’ll have to re-stock 🙂
    Love the shirt low-cut in the back! I hate to show cleavage here in Korea so that looks like the perfect solution for the summer heat.

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