An Update On My ’23 Things To Do Before I Turn 23′

A couple of months ago I posted a list of 23 things I wanted to do before I turn 23. This is an update on how I am getting on with them.

  1. Have a good sum of money saved up to go towards a mortgage (I must adult sometimes.)

I am still saving, little by little. 

  1. Get engaged (although it’s not really my decision when this happens I can only dream!)

Going to have to cross this one off my list as unfortunately it’s not in the cards anymore.

  1. Buy the ‘Younger Now’ Miley Cyrus Album Jumper (basically have £64 to spear)

I must admit I changed my mind after I listened the album to death!

  1. Visit Boston again in the colder months and have another trip planned for the end of next summer to go camping in Maine. 

I would love to do both of these still but I will be travelling alone. 

  1. Visit my Little Sister at Uni. (go on a proper Uni night out as I never went)

I DID THIS! We went on a student night out to ‘INK’ I even got in at a student price!

  1. Have more of an understanding about construction and plant machinery! (I work in construction, it helps to know lots about it!)

I guess I am getting there… I know a bit more than I did when I first wrote this post.

  1. Get Jake to agree to come to download with me either 2018 or 2019.


  1. Start a YouTube Channel.

I created a page… I haven’t made any videos yet!

  1. Get over 1000 Followers on Twitter/ Instagram.

I DID THIS ON Twitter, I now just need to catch up on Instagram!

  1. Work with a few brands, preferably in the beauty department!

I have been really lucky and actually had the chance to work with a couple on different brands over the last month! I even got paid for a post! I am chuffed!

  1. Get some subscribers to my YouTube Channel. (Because this always helps)

Not Yet, Although actually posting some videos might help… subscribe here! 

  1. Make some Friends in the real world. People who actual enjoy my company and who I share interests with.

I am still taking applications but I love all the people I meet at Gigs and plan on keeping some awesome friends and making a hell of a lot more. 

  1. Work on my attitude towards life, I would like to be a ‘glass half full’ kind of person and not a ‘glass half empty’ person as the negativity is draining.

This has improved a lot, especially as I am happy in what I am doing and I am just focused on ME!

  1. Sit down one day and give my blog a completely new look, something personal to me.

I gave it a Christmas makeover and I have plans for the new year!

  1. Try being Vegan again for at least one month. (I am a vegetarian, but I just love cheese too much)

Its Christmas, this is just not an option!

  1. Get Back into my gym Routine, work on building my muscles and toning everything else.

I am going to start as soon as I am back to 100% me.

  1. Take some amazing pictures with my new Go Pro. (That has not even been delivered yet)

They sent me a naff Go Pro so I sent it back and bought another Canon that has become my new obsession I was also lucky enough to get an awesome light for Christmas so I can’t wait to take loads of photos.

  1. Own the Lauren Mercier ‘Exotique Face Illuminator.’ (Only available online in the US)

I do not own this yet, but I might have to beg my friend in the US to buy it for me and save it until we can go over and see them again.

  1. Have more plants in my room.

I now have lots of plants round my room that are growing like crazy, but I still want more.

  1. Sell or Give away all my old clothes that I don’t wear anymore.

I sold about £25 pounds worth and I am going to get rid of the rest!

  1. Take Jake to Go Ape. (He is afraid of heights)

New – Find someone to go to Go Ape with me! 

  1. Master the art of drawing on my Eyebrows! 
  2. Start going for a run at least once a week again.

I have managed to check a few (8) things off this list… and have had to totally cross some off, it just shows you how much life can change in a few months! I am working on the rest!

We will see how I get on with the rest in May!

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte Louise x


2 thoughts on “An Update On My ’23 Things To Do Before I Turn 23′

  1. I love this idea! I created a bucket list but I don’t have a time frame that I want to complete it in! I hope you get all of your items checked off 😊


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