Five Finger Death Punch

Originally this was going to another one of my favourite bands I wasn’t going to get to see and I was completely bitter about it.

Around a month or so before the gig I found out some friends were going, so I decided to tag along (I say that causally, but I was super fangirling on the inside.)

Waiting for the 21st of December to roll around was like waiting for death.

FINALLY, the 21st had arrived. I was up at the crack of dawn to go and get my nails done as I had managed to break half of them off and as it was so close to Christmas I didn’t want to chance getting another appointment. After I actually bothered to get ready, Dean picked me up and we decided to get out the beer pong to start the drinking nice and early. I basically won.

By this point the gang were ready to set off. unfortunately living in the middle of nowhere this was going to be a long journey, so what do you do? Vomit comet pre-drinks e.g. train beers! (being the classy bitch I am, I went for the gin and tonics instead.)

A while later we were all after a bathroom for one but more importantly we had made it to Wembley. Once we had walked round to the SSE the ques were all around the building, reluctantly we made our way to the back. All this waiting was totally eased by the excellent company I had, a couple of Americans and two complete nutters! They are amazing people and the night wouldn’t have been the same without them! (I also found a fellow Nickelback heater and that’s never a bad thing.)

We were very close to the front. by this point were were very excited and just playing the waiting game while making strange looking hairy friends. We were all rather impressed with the opening acts ‘Of Mice & Men and ‘and ‘In Flames’ they were great and even the pit was impressive for the warm up acts! It set the mood for the rest of the evening perfectly.

WOW! Is my first thought, even while writing this I would give anything to back in the crowd. The atmosphere, sound, company and of course the musical talents of Iven were more than I could have asked for from a gig!

On several occasions I nearly ended up in the pit and if it wasn’t for Kev and Gemma I would have been lost to the SSE arena. My saviours were amazing. Unfortunately, there wasn’t too much they could do about the flying beverages that ended up in my hair or the incredibly sweaty teenagers that felt the need to take off their shirts off. these few things were totally irrelevant however while I was engrossed by the music, dancing and singing to my heart’s content!

My Downfall of the night was that Ivan didn’t sing ‘Far from Home’ because it’s my favourite song and also that we had to leave early to attempt to catch the train home from Tottenham hale… We missed it. Instead we headed all the way back to Cambridge on the express train and had to hop in a taxi back to the middle of nowhere! I got in at about 03:30am knowing I had to get up for work in about three hours but my ears were still ringing, and my heart was still racing. I couldn’t believe the experience that felt like an age to wait for was gone.

Bring on the next Gig of 2018 and Download with the nutters I adore.


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