Charlotte Louise’s Christmas Gift Guide

Everyone has done a Christmas gift Guide this year and I must admit it has helped me with my Christmas shopping! Most things on this list I have had the pleasure of trying and these are my honest reviews on the products I think would make great Pressies!

Grace and Stella reviews:

These three Products from Grace and Stella would make great stocking fillers for friends and family and they are all reasonably priced.

Facial Cupping Set £12.99


I had seen so many good reviews about Stella and Graces Facial Cupping set, So I decided that as they were such a reasonable price I would give it a try.

The set comes with a face oil, but I have been using a serum of my skin by skinkissed for a few weeks now and I chose to use that instead as I didn’t want to overload my skin with products.

I wasn’t sure how to use them at first but the guide that came in my pack was very useful and told me all the information I needed to know!

It was easy to glide the cups over my skin in the motions recommended in the pack.

I had an uneven skin tone but using these cups my skin is looking much brighter and fresh.

I have also noticed that using the smaller cups has given me much less noticeable bags and dark circles under my eyes.

It takes a little while to get used to using the cups on a regular basis and getting a technique that works for you, but it is well worth the venture.

These will definitely stay part of my daily skin care routine.


Hair Mask £9.95


I first tried this while having a bath, so I could follow the full instructions and apply it to my damp hair and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

First of all, I have to mention the smell, it was amazing I could smell it for days after and every time I got a whiff I was in heaven.

I have average hair, it’s not thin but it’s not thick either so I was worried this mask might weigh it down and make it look greasy.

I was pleasantly surprised as once I washed it out my hair was like silk.

I didn’t even use conditioner because my hair already felt so clean and soft.

I didn’t weigh my hair down at all and it was super shiny for a couple of days.

I would only use this once a week or so as it lasts such a long time after use.

I have noticed after a few uses my hair seems to have less frizzy bits and to me seems stronger.

Another great point about this product is its Paraben free and completely Vegan.

Bath Rocks £9.99


I don’t often have baths as I never have the time, but I really enjoyed using these bath rocks.

At first, I thought the smell was a little strange and I wasn’t sure about putting them in the bath, but I popped three in anyway and let them fizz away.

The smell was very different once I was in my nice warm bath, it was very refreshing with sweet hits to it.

The rocks dissolved completely so I didn’t have to worry about little bits in the bottom of the bath.

I thoroughly enjoyed them and can’t wait to try some of the different ones Grace & Stella have to offer.

Skinnkissed,(£20.00 to £39.95)


Skinkissed Serum is currently one of the #1 Best Sellers in the UK and trending all over social media.

Apparently, customers are calling it “A Miracle in A Bottle.”

Is it worth the hype?

Now, on the actual Skinkisses website a 20ml bottle will cost you £39.95 and currently on amazon you can buy it for £20.00. I was very sceptical about this product, but I kept seeing it pop up everywhere, so I wanted to try it for myself. (I bought mine on amazon of course)

It arrived next day on standard delivery.

Let’s start with what it is all about!

It has some seriously good ingredients for your skin. Vitamin C is a big one for keeping firm, even toned and spot free skin. Hyaluronic Acid helps enhance moisture and keeps skin soft and healthy looking. Collagen helps give your skin elasticity along with replacing the dead skin cells.

For Maximum Results Skinkissed suggest:

‘Apply the serum daily, once in the morning (before you put on your makeup) and once before you head to bed.’

(So this is what I did..)

Skinkissed say that ‘each ingredient has just the right amount to compliment the other ingredients which bring them to all work together as a team and create magic wonders.’

This is apparently the reason none of the percentages of each ingredient are on the label.

Shhh..It’s a secret.

My review after I have finished the bottle (it lasted just over a month):


I purchased Skinkissed feeling a bit sceptical about it, but I must say I am a bottle down and about to purchase another.

This serum is like magic in a bottle and has given my skin new life.

I am so happy with the results. I wake up every day with hydrated, bright and healthy-looking skin. I couldn’t be happier.

Skinkissed has improved the tone of my skin, keeps it looking radiant. I have noticed I get less spots and when I do get one the serum really helps to calm the redness. I don’t worry about spots now because they fade and disappear in a few days.

Skinkissed serum can also be used as the perfect primer or with your make up to give it an extra boost and enhance the beauty of you face. I used it on my cheeks and around my eyes to give me a healthy glow that I got lots of compliments on.

Skinkissed has become a vital part of my daily routine and I love the results I get. This would make a lovely gift, it’s not too badly priced for what it is. I think it’s a great product for anyone to try, I have already got one for my sister.

Kiss The Moon,

kiss the mooooon

I am so glad I stumbled across this company, they are based in the countryside and the idea is driven by the passion to help everyone get a beautiful night’s sleep. Sleep is something a lot of people struggle with having full and busy lives! Jo Foster the founder of the company struggled herself with sleep and is now giving us the gift of a good night’s rest back with her range of kiss the moon products.

Kiss the moon were kind enough to send me lots of sample sized products to try out for this Gift Guide. The first thing I must mention is the amazing aroma that came out of the package as soon as I opened it! I was I was lost for a few seconds, caught up in the heavenly smell drifting up my nostrils.

Included in my package:

One sample After Dark bath oil, £38.00

One sample After Dark Sleep Balm, £16.00

One Sample Night Cream for hands, £28.00

One Sample After Dark Face Oil, £48.00

Sample sized Bed Time Bath Salts. £20.00

Kiss the moon do some wonderful gift sets or you could create your own. Any of the kiss the moon products would make a luxurious gift! (You can also buy some sample sizes to try out for yourself.)

I unfortunately haven’t managed to try them all, so I will wright a full review once I have but for now my thoughts after giving a couple of the different products a try:

I lit a few tea lights and used the Deep Sleep Bath oils on a week day as I just couldn’t shut off from work. I laid back enjoying every aspect of my bath afterwards my skin felt so soft and smooth. I decided to try the night cream for hands as well as I was feeling refreshed after my bath. I went right to bed and I did have a great night’s rest. In the morning I just felt relaxed when I woke up and my entire body was silky soft I didn’t even need to moisturise.

I am so looking forward to trying the bath salts and the deep sleep balm!

I would also love to try a couple of the different Candles they have.



Iroha products are available in Superdrug and they will make the perfect stocking fillers this Christmas.

I got the opportunity to try out three different products they have to offer, the charcoal peel off mask (my mum also got to try this one.) The charcoal nose cleansing Strips and finally (this one I was excited about) the charcoal black tissue mask!

So far, my mum and I had a great time trying the Peel Off Mask, there is enough in the packet to split between two maybe even three to be honest. I was slightly disappointed I could not reseal the pack to use it again, but that’s the only bad point I have to say on the product! It left my skin soft and not dried out I also noticed my pours looked smaller right away and a spot my mum was worried about had gone right down by the morning.

Pretty You London

If you are looking for those easy gifts that you can buy every year like PJ’s, pants and slippers go and check out ‘Pretty you London’, for a beautiful twist on your everyday slippers and PJ’s at affordable prices!(They even have a small range for men)

Coconut Lane

Looking for the perfect gift for any blogger? Try the ‘Blogging sweater’ by coconut Lane its cute, quirky and totally accurate (although I might trade my coffee in for tea most of the time!) They also do loads of other little gifts perfect for stocking fillers like the marble effect coaster or the beautifully designed phone skins.

blogger gift.png

Pearly Poised Teeth Whitening Strips,

The beauties are great little gifts and have some really good offers on for Christmas. I have been using them for a week and my teeth look significantly whiter already. It’s a little beauty necessity that sometimes can just boost your confidence for a night out or a hot date??


These are similar to the ‘bubble tea’ accept they are for your Alcohol!

You can get Shimmers for Prosecco and Gin as well as little balls of flavour that pop in your mouth! I bought Raspberry and cherry as I thought these would go well in my prosecco over Christmas!

Forget Monopoly and beer pong this Christmas,

You can now play..



Cat Bingo

And.. Wine IQ

I AM IN!!!

A Few More Little Ideas For Stocking fillers I have found along the way:

Christmas Tree Decoration – £3.99

Penguin Socks – £6.00

Cupcake Socks – £5.00

XL Prosecco Glass – £18.00

Little Miss Blogger Mug – £7.35

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!

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