My First Visit To Nottingham

Last weekend my parents and I went to Nottingham to visit my (not so little) sister as she is studying at Nottingham Trent University.

I was very much looking forward to seeing Katie properly for the first time since she left, as the last few times she has come home for the weekend I have been working. The plan was we were going to have lunch all together and then later my parents were off to Darby for a gig and I was going to hit the town with my sister and her flat mates.


We decided that we would all go out for lunch before my parents headed off towards Darby. We had been recommended the Slug & Lettuce local to us so as we passed one on our way to the town we thought we would give it a try.

When we arrived, there were no tables available and lots of people at the bar. It looked like most of the people at the tables were just drinking and not actually eating so thankfully we didn’t have to wait long. We were sat rather close to the door so evetime it opened we got a horrible chill and they had a big hen party that were mixing cocktails and were shouting and singing very loudly. I do not begrudge this at all, they looked like they were having a great time, it just wasn’t a pleasant atmosphere for everyone trying to have a nice lunch with friends and family.

We started off with a round of drinks and I tried my first ever porn star martini (YUUUMY). We were all rather hungry after the journey up, so we got a sharing platter of cheesy nachos that arrived very quickly after we ordered them. We had devoured them in seconds. Moving on to our main meals, I ordered the halloumi ciabatta and skinny fries, both my parents had fish and chips and my sister had a chicken and bacon ciabatta with sweet potato fries. We waited ONE AND A HALF HOURS for our food!

Our server was nice to us but was very busy running around and his customer service skills must have got lost along the way! (I totally understand how awful it can get when its super busy as I waitress on the weekends) No matter how busy I get I am always keeping my customers updated if there is a delay on food and I always try to be extra happy and polite. We hadn’t been told a thing about our food being delayed or how long it would take and at one point it seemed the waiter had disappeared altogether.

Once we finally got our food it wasn’t overly hot (my chips were also soggy) and none of it was worth the wait! The waiter could see all our disappointment and half eaten plates of food, he kept apologising saying it was the kitchens fault. He gave us a slight discount on the bill but overall, I can’t say we will be eating at the Slug and Lettuce again.


It was super busy obviously, so we dint do too much shopping just popped in a few shops for a quick look at the sales and headed back to my sisters flat.

The Afternoon/ Evening

Mum and dad had to shoot off to get to Darby and check in to the hotel, so Katie and I spent the evening catching up on I’m a Celeb and she had a little nap on me before we got ready to go out. After having a little pig out on Pringles and Cookies we decided to stop being lazy and get ourselves up and ready for the night ahead!

My sister didn’t like anything I brought with me and decided I could wear a t-shirt I had bought earlier tied up as it looked cropped with my ripped jeans and her boots. She was right I looked much better and I was comfy (even though I couldn’t feel my toes in her boots). At about 9/10pm we started drinking in the kitchen with her flat mates and I had a great time playing drinking games.

A few of them had probably had a little too much to drink before we left the flat, but I won’t go into the gross details.

At about 12:30/ 12:45am we finally made our way to the club… and so on and so forth.

..All I will say is ‘Chunky Chickens’ cheese bites and pizza is amazing, especially in the early hours of the morning!

We had up’s and downs in Nottingham but I suppose, my sister being there overrides any cons, I will be back!


Thanks for reading.

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