Charlotte’s Perfume Wish List

We all have a list of perfumes we would always love to try and a list of the ones we always buy.

This is my list of all the perfumes I would buy if either I had the space for them all or I could afford any of them!

Addictive Arts Perfume – Clive Christian

First up is a suite of three forbidden perfume pairs – Addictive Arts by Clive Christian. I have not actually had the pleasure of smelling this one but the bottle is beautiful and the description sold it to me. (At £525 a bottle I don’t think I will be adding it to my collection in this lifetime.)

‘The collection is an enthralling expression of our tendency to excess, of libertine pleasures and a wild nature waiting to be awakened underneath the refined visage it is – some might say… The “After-Dark” face of Clive Christian!’


Escentric Molecles – Molecule 01

Molecule 01 smells amazing, I have bought it several times a a gift for my mum and she always gets compliments on it wherever she goes. (£72 for 100ml bottle on Cult Beauty)

‘At first glance, the gentle warmth of Molecule 01 shouldn’t be as seductive as it is – yet that’s what probably made this now classic scent so ground-breaking upon its launch.’


Scent Of a Dream – Charlotte Tilbury

The Bottle for this perfume is beautiful and looks amazing on any Vanity Unit. Its a very feminine smell but I don’t think its too overpowering. (£96 for a 100ml bottle)

‘One-of-a-kind ‘floral chypre’ perfume harmony that IGNITES a mind-altering fleurotic frequency.’

til063_charlottetilbury_scentofadream_1_1560x1960-nhp4oKat Von D – Saint

Another bottle to fall in love with. I also love the floral smell of this perfume and the hit of vanilla that sets it apart for the ‘Sinner’ Kat Von D scent.(£59 for a 50ml bottle)

‘This scent is a poetic exploration of the lesser-known, softer side of Kat Von D. Kat Von D Saint shares the same floral soul as Kat Von D Sinner, with a sweet and gourmand twist.’


Victoria’s Secret – New York Bomb Shell

I discovered this perfume in New York on a special offer after browsing for ages in the beautiful sore. I have fallen in love with it.


Gucci Bloom – Gucci

I have not smelt this one but I love simple style of the bottle and currently for Christmas The perfume Shop has some great gift sets and this is one of them. (£67 for this gift set including 50ml bottle)

‘A rich white floral scent that transports to a colourful and diverse garden verdant with flowers and plants.’


There are so many more I could add to this list but for now this is the beginning of it and all I could think of. I linked in all the perfumes I mentioned so you can find them.

I promise to add to it as I think of all the other amazing perfumes I can not afford but would love to own.. one day! If you have any suggestions comment below and I will check them out!

Thanks for reading.

Charlotte Louise.


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