Beautiful World

People sometimes bring back so many memories.

I have always had lots of different people in my life. This always means through each friend of mine I meet so many other people, and I must admit some have stuck and some haven’t.

I love running into people I have met through past friends and catching up because sometimes they are more a part of your life than you thought and the friendship in mutual.

I know it’s all a bit soppy but remembering the good things from a friendship or relationship can do your soul a world of good and sometimes the people you have met along the way just remind you that it wasn’t all bad. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. A window into my past has been opened and closed and I have kept all the good things in the back of my memories.

It’s strange how sometimes the little things can have a large impact.

On another note I am obsessed with Noel Gallagher’s high-flying birds ‘it’s a beautiful world’ right now. It’s getting me though today and If you haven’t given in a listen I suggest you do!

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