Perfect 4 Platinum – Pureology 


 Perfect 4 PlatinumShampoo £16.50/ Conditioner £20.50

 ‘Specially designed to clarify and strengthen hair while providing incredible colour protection. Featuring breakthrough strengthening technology, Pureology’s signature AntiFade Complex and brightening lemon extract, this concentrated cleanser will leave locks shiny, strong and enviably blonde.’

 These are bold words from a small bottle.

It all started while browsing on Cult Beauty, after searching for about five minutes I was hooked on trying one of the Pureology shampoo and conditioner duos.

I have naturally Light blonde hair and it’s about the length of my shoulders. I sometimes find that if I don’t use volumising products my hair tends to feel a lot heaver and look flat. I wanted something a little different this time and when I saw the ‘Perfect 4 Platinum’ range I thought it was a must, in hope it would give my hair a bit more life and get rid of the annoying dull colours that naturally accrue. (Sometimes I really notice the darker tones in my hair, and I am not a fan.)


The shampoo had a nice smell to it, a very clean smell that sort of reminded me of your old fashioned Head and Shoulders products. After washing it out my hair felt like silk.


The conditioner had a bit of a strange smell to it almost like the head and shoulders smell but mixed with an old style floral perfume. I really didn’t like it at first but the smell didn’t seem to last long and once I washed the conditioner out I could only smell the shampoo in my hair.

 After Thoughts 

I could feel right away that my hair was heavier than usual (I did expect this.) Once I had dried it off I noticed that my hair didn’t seem as wispy as usual and it had a great shine to it. I can’t say I noticed much difference in the colour of my hair.

I really liked how my hair looked after the one use. I used the shampoo and condition for a few more days after this but it didn’t seem to do much for my hair accept make it look heavy and flat. This is not an everyday shampoo and conditioner, for me it only works as a once every few days shampoo and conditioner mixed in with my normal routine. I do however still enjoy the affects it has and use it maybe twice a week. I love that it keeps my hair soft but doesn’t make it wispy when I dry it with my hairdryer.

My Mum borrowed the shampoo and conditioner to try and she found it did the same for her hair. Now we swap back and forth every few days to use it and that works great on both of our hairs.

My Conclusion

This might work great if you have hair that’s more out of control and thick.

I can’t say that once I use the bottles up I am going to be jumping to buy them again (even though I like the effects if has on my hair every few days.)

I might look at trying some of the other types Pureology have to offer like the volumising shampoo and conditioner or maybe the smoothing or strengthening ones.

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