Oh My Gosh!

This is my second nomination for blogging awards today!

 Thank you so much Bookish Owlette, go and give her a follow!

The Mystery Blogger Award was originally created by Okoto Enigma. It is named after the meaning of the creator’s name. In her words, ‘there are so many blogs that are still a mystery to us; when we get to know them, it’s divine and we find friends where we least expect’.

7cbb6fdb5ca33bfa9462d8dc8747e3b6The rules:

  • Acknowledge, link back and thank the blog that nominated you
  • Display the award + rules in your blog
  • Mention the creator of the award; provide a link to their blog.
  • Tell your subscribers three things about you.
  • Re-nominate 10-20 people.
  • Notify the nominees via a blog comment.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions and one funny question.
  • Share links to your best posts.


My answers to Emma’s questions

  1. Have you experienced true love?

I am right now, It was right from day one. I have the most amazing man in my life and I couldn’t ask for anything more. (accept for him to pick up his dirty clothes when he leaves them on the floor) 

  1. Who is your role model and why?

My Mother, Shes a strong and powerful woman and someone I have always looked up to. 

  1. Have you told your friends/family about your blog? if not, why not?

Yes, My Grandma is my number one fan! 

  1. Name a hobby of yours? (not blog related)

Reading, Whenever I actually get a moment to myself I try and read! (I am so behind on all my books though)

  1. Favourite book boyfriend?

Heath From the House of Night series, he was always Zoey’s number one fan. Heath was there form school to when she became a vamp and loved Zoey for everything she was and had become.

  1. What is your most loved trope and most hated?

If this means what I think t does, then :

Loved: ‘Last time I saw you, I said that it hurt too much to love you. But I was wrong about that. The truth is it hurts too much not to love you.’

Hated: I don’t think I have a hated, I will update this if I think of one.

7cbb6fdb5ca33bfa9462d8dc8747e3b6Three Facts About Me:

  • I love Rock & Metal Music. 
  • I Do NOT eat meat because I hate the texture.
  • I love all the crime drams- Law & Order SVU and NCIS are my favourites.


My Nominees:

  1. Sunburnt Aloe
  2. The Cozy Den
  3. Amy 
  4. Lizzie
  5. Lulu Loves
  6. Beauty Looks Fun
  7. Bryony
  8. Britney


My Questions:

2) If you were going to a desert island and could only take two things with you, what would you take? 

3) Coffee or Tea?

4) What is your favourite book character and why? 

5) What is your favourite Christmas Film?

6) If you had to change your name what would you change it to and why?

Extra Question: Where you are right now, if you could only take three things with you and you didn’t know where you were going, what would you grab? Quick! 


Thanks so much for reading and thank you again to Bookish Owlette, go and give her blog a read and a follow!





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