Charlotte’s Winter Warmers

Get that spring back in your step this autumn/ Winter.

Have you been feeling down? Are the grey clouds and cold chills effecting your mood?

Here are a few tips of mine I use when I am feeling the winter blues.

  1. Christmas – Remember how close it actually is to Christmas and even though you might not believe in Santa anymore this doesn’t mean you are not already excited for all the holiday cheer that comes along with it! (I know I am)
  2. Hot Drinks – I drink tea all day all the time but this season gives me a lust for hot chocolate and I can’t help but overindulge. A hot chocolate just warms my soul during the winter months.
  3. A Good Work Out – It can be tough to get motivated to make it to the gym when its freezing outside. But exercise can boost your mood.
  4. Think About What You Are Eating – Try to resist fatty food. Some carbs and sugar can wreak havoc on your blood sugar level, which can make you grumpy. Remember though, some comfort foods can double as a good pick-me-up.
  5. Baking – Cookies cakes and any other little treats you may fancy are always a great way to stay inside in the warm but keep yourself busy. (There is nothing better than a baked good just out of the oven.)
  6. Soup – Classic Heinz tomato is my favourite or if I get the time or my Father does a good pumpkin/ squash soup just makes everything better when your cold.
  7. All the jumpers and fluffy socks you can think of.
  8. Spending time with friends – Going out and having a cocktail or even just a coffee, company is a good thing to have.
  9. Cosy nights in – (Watching a film.)
  10. Don’t forget to treat yourself! – (you don’t have to spend loads of money to do this) A bit of chocolate or a new flavoured tea isn’t going to put you out of pocket.

When the weather starts to get cold it has a huge impact on my mood and it takes me ten times longer to get out of bed in the morning. These ten things are just a few reasons I love this time of year despite all its downfalls!


10 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Winter Warmers

  1. Ahh I love winter for all the cosy nights in but you’re right it can be tricky to remember that when you’re outside battling the cold and rain! Some good ideas to lift our spirits and remind us to enjoy the little thing 🙂

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  2. Jumpers and fluffy socks are a must! I literallt live in them at this time of year. I have nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award, you can check out my post @

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