Top Three Best and Worst Date Ideas (in my opinion!)

Top Three best and worst date ideas in my opinion!

 Best Three

  1. Dinner – Taking your date or long term lover to dinner is always a good idea. Going to dinner is a good way to get to know someone or just spend some one to one time with your other half. Make sure you pick a nice classy place to eat! (It doesn’t have to cost loads) Some of my favourites are:
  • Our local pub – Who often do two for one days during the week.
  • Jamie Oliver’s Italian – This is where Jake took me on our first date, we usually visit on birthdays and special occasions.
  • Frankie and bennies – It’s a classic and apart from the annoying birthday song Jake and I always get good service and good food at a reasonable price.
  • Wild Wood – I am always pleasantly surprised by the bill in Wild Wood. Jake and I will often have two courses and I wouldn’t say its overpriced for the standard of food they serve.
  1. Picnic – The sweetest date Jake took me on was an evening picnic. We didn’t have anything special, he packed some fruit, crisps and sparkling fruit flavoured drink (non-alcoholic as I was driving.) We sat out on the blanket by the pond for a few hours just chatting and it was the perfect opportunity to get to know him in the beginning.
  2. A Home cooked meal (more food I know, I can’t help it) – When you have been together for a while there is nothing better than getting in from a long day at work and having a hot plate of food waiting for you. This was also the case when Jake and I were still in the dating phase, Jake set out the table outside decked with music and fairy lights so that when I walked in from work I sat straight down and got a three-course meal. (This was also the first time I got to sample Jake’s cooking and realised I had a keeper.)

If you put in a bit of effort it does not go unnoticed when trying to woo your date.

Trust me!

 Worst Three (in my opinion)

  1. Ice skating – Yes when you have been together for ages it’s a laugh to go and skate round like idiots but for a date idea in the beginning for me it’s a big no no. I am not good at ice skating as I haven’t really done it, so trying to skate around like Bambie on ice while your date skate’s rings around you is not attractive and frankly just embarrassing.
  2. The cinema – Again when you have been together for a while it’s great to nip out and see a film occasionally but for a date idea it sucks. There is no way to talk or get to know your date and you can’t even cuddle up and be cosy together as the cinema chairs are the most uncomfortable chairs in the world. (accept if you’re in America because you don’t get chairs you get an entire reclining sofa.
  3. Bowling – Bowling is something I have a love hate relationship with. Bowling is loud, you are constantly switching places when it’s your turn and if you are like me I always manage to break a nail. I don’t even know where to start on the stupid shoes you have to wear that never fit right and always make me feel like a clown. I know you can bowl in special lanes in your own shoes but even that feels strange. Bowling is not a good way to get to know someone either but it is a fun way to loosen up around your date if your nervous because nobody looks good when they bowl or after you bowl if you react well or not to how good you have bowled, it’s just not going to happen and we all look goofy. There is also lots of other things to do at bowling alleys, like get a drink after or play air hockey. I am still unsure on this one as it has lots of pros and cons for a good date.

So you might not agree with me on any of this post but I believe the best dates happen when you put in a bit of effort or planning and you get a chance to interact one on one and get to know the person you are on a date with. Even when you have been together for ages sometimes your lives are so busy you forget to tell your partner half the craziness that is happening, sitting down together with no distractions is the perfect chance to just catch up.


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