I bought this C200 Bubble Peeling Pad for £6.50 online at butter milk skincare

It was something I have been meaning to try for a while as it’s a bit different to a normal face mask or scrub.
The Wish Formula uses ‘AHA ingredients and natural extracts to effectively remove skin impurities, dead skin cells and sebum.
You get one double sided pad per pack. The first side has an exfoliating layer and serum that you used for a few minutes gently massaging it in circular motions around your face. After you must rinse your face before you turn the pad over and use the softer side that disintegrates onto your skin again massaging it gently around your face for a few minutes. Lastly rinse your face again with warm water and that’s it!
I had a nice glow about my skin after I had used the pad and I feel it brought out any spots that were hiding under the surface of my skin. the pad seemed to target the spots and they were almost gone overnight.

A good point about this peeling pad is it did not dry my skin out, actually quite the opposite. The pad was full of serum that really left my skin bright and glowing. My mum even said it looked great.
A down point about this product is I just don’t feel it was worth £6.50, so to be honest I don’t think I will be buying it again even though it was fun to use. I would however like to try some of the other products Wish Formula have on offer.

Wish Formula are a cruelty free company with NO animal testing.


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