Wish Formula Bat Eye Mask

Wish Formula Bat Eye Mask

£3.00 –  From Buttermilk Skincare 

So, as its Halloween today I thought I would review something that would fit in nicely.

I saw this a few months ago and thought it would be great fun to try out.

Good points:

I noticed my eyes looked brighter,

The Mask had a nice soothing effect,

It smells nice,

The Mask had lots of extra serum left to use on my skin after.

 Bad points:

The shape of the bat was a little strange and hung off the end of my nose.

 Would I buy it again? Yes, I think I would! I felt very relaxed when I had it on. The mask had a nice cooling effect that made my skin feel refreshed, also it was fun to play with.

The Mask is not your bog standard under the eye strips. Wish Formula have created a black tissue mask in the shape of a bat that covers a large area under your eyes and your nose. The Mask fit my face okay.. apart from the end of the nose, it was a little long and hung of the end but it wasn’t too bad.

I kept it on for the 20 – 30 mins, like it said on the packet and this was just the right amount of time not to get bored and peel It off anyway.

I noticed right away that my eyes looked brighter and my eye bags were not as noticeable. I am always looking for affordable products that brighten my skin tone. I was also really impressed that I could still see the effects the next morning. Normally with these types of products, they don’t last very wrong unless you use them regularly.

Another great point of the company is all Wish formula products are completely cruelty free.

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