October Highlights

October has been an incredibly long month for me and very busy. I worked 21 days straight without a day off as I have been working two jobs to help me save for Christmas presents and a mortgage. I must admit I do rather enjoy my weekend job as it’s so different to my usual job but by the 16th October I was starting to run out of fuel. Thankfully on the 21st I got an entire day to just chill out with Jake and be completely lazy.  Because of this I don’t have too many highlights as I haven’t really been up to very much.

  • My first highlight this month was seeing my sister (briefly) on Saturday 14th. Katie came down from Uni for the first time to visit, I met her and my parents for a curry on Saturday night to catch up.
  • This is a big one on 17th JAKE PASSED HIS DRIVING TEST! This has been a long time coming and I am so proud of him. (Jake now has three years of me driving him around to make up for!)
  • My third highlight from October is my visit to Dorchester Prison with work. The Prison is one that the company I work for owns (out of four) and they are turning the prison into luxury apartments as its all closed down. I did a bit of reading before we went down to visit the site and it’s got a twisted history of excessive drug use by the inmates while the prison was open. (it’s completely irrelevant, I just found it interesting.) It was very creepy to walk the halls and see the inside of the cells where people would of actually been living only a few years ago before it closed.
  • I also got to visit Scotland this month with work to visit another one of our sites. I have never been to Scotland so this was very exciting. The site we own is the former Donaldson’s College which is a spectacular building In Edinburgh. It was a pleasure to see it in real life instead of just looking at the pictures.
  • I purchased a new Aloe Vera plant, and its only a baby one. (it was like an early Christmas present as the guy on the checkout only charged me for the pot and not the actual plant! I can’t complain about a free plant.
  • Halloween, duhh.. it’s Halloween next week! As Jake’s parents are away and they normally dress the house for Halloween it’s become a job for Jake and I. I have thoroughly enjoyed decorating and hope we get lots of trick or treaters on Tuesday to appreciate all the work we put in.

So that’s it for October, only a few highlights but this month feels like it’s flown past. It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and I haven’t even started thinking about what to get people. At least Jake can drive me to the shopping centres to do all my Christmas shopping this year!

Is anyone ready for Christmas yet?



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