Wear It Pink

Cancer is a subject that hits home pretty hard.

This is three things I am very thankful for today while supporting Breast Cancer Now.

  1. My Mum –  My mum is as tough (strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough handling) as nails with a kick arse attitude towards Breast Cancer! Its nearly a year later so we are all biting our nails down to to core until we get some good news.
  2. Family – I have The Most amazing, supportive family I could ask for. I am very lucky to have the parents and grandparents I do, they have been supporting my sister and I for years and hopefully for years to come. (Check out my last post to read a bit more about my grandparents)
  3. Chocolate – Today is a day for lots of chocolate. (I have already glugged a hot chocolate and engulfed a chocolate muffin today!)

It’s not much, but sometimes if we all do a little it can mean a lot.

I hope everyone is wearing pink today, if you are not you can still donate at Breast Cancer Now


P.S – Eat as much chocolate as you want, I am. 



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