My Grandparents

My Grandparents are four of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with, they fight battles every day that I couldn’t even imagine. All four of them are growing with the times so gracefully, I bet you couldn’t guess their ages if you tried.

My first set of grandparents are on my dad’s side and unfortunately, I do not get to see them very much as they have always lived rather far away and recently they moved even further away!

I do have some excellent memories with them as a child though. I remember all the trips to Yarmouth beach and various zoos and even Thetford forest that they took my sister and I to when we would go and stay at their house.

My Grandad even painted and decorated my first house, dolls house that is. My grandad even added special touches to the beautiful dolls house by putting tiny photos of my parents, my sister and I in the frames on the wall.

My Nanny and Grandad have always done everything they can to support me and keep my creative side flowing and this meant everything to me as a young budding artist.

I am looking forward to them being down at Christmas and getting to spend some real time with them as I have not seen them properly in a couple of years now.

Nanny and Grandad

My other set of Grandparents live around the corner from my parents’ house so I try and see them whenever I get a chance but usually it’s just a quick stop by when I am passing.

Grandad Tim hasn’t always been a part of this family but he may as well have as he has always treated me and my sister with more love and respect than we could have ever asked for. I know if I needed him he would be there regardless of any circumstances and this means more to me than blood!

My Grandma is one of the most amazing woman I know and she raised my mum, another incredibly strong woman. These are the people I look up to in life and if I can be anything like either of them I know I would have achieved something great. My Grandma is more than family, she’s my friend, she makes me laugh and smile and I know I can trust her with my life. Nothing means more to me than the way her face lights up when my sister or I walk into a room.

Grandma and Tim

I am so lucky to have two sets of amazing Grandparents that have all been a big part of my life and I have so much love for all four of them. Sometimes you must use the opportunities you have, to express your thoughts and feelings; this post is dedicated to them and everything they have done for me. Saying thank you would be an understatement.


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