10 Realistic Things To Expect When You Have Been In A Relationship For A While

Adapting to the changes in your relationship can be hard and these 10 things I think are realistic to expect when you have been with someone for a long time.

  1. Being in the same room and doing completely different things. (Sometimes I have work to do or blogging while Jake watches ‘Match of The Day’.)
  2. Taking less and less photos together to post on social media. (everyone already knows we are dating so it is old news, hey just don’t ‘aww’ so much anymore. Although of course we are still just as adorable as before)
  3. Being able to decide what you want for dinner quickly. (I tend to just tell Jake what I want and if he doesn’t want it I am going to eat it anyway)
  4. Going to places and seeing things you really don’t want to but you know it will make them happy. (Even if you whine and moan the whole time.)
  5. Having a love hate relationship with the fact that you sleep in the same bed. (One minute I am too hot, the next I am cold and the next I want to starfish.)
  6. Being confident they will love the gifts you buy them because you have spent all year saving up ideas and know what they want. (I love buying Jake presents now.)
  7. Being honest with how little money you have left and how much you spent buying clothes. (Or tickets to see the football.)
  8. Watching something just to please the other one. (Jake hates watching the same episode more than once, but I will just watch it again because I am still probably not really paying attention)
  9. Knowing you don’t have to go out and spend money to enjoy yourself.  
  10. Saying the same things at the same time. (Often when you spend so much time with someone you adopt some of their thoughts and sayings. Sometimes it really surprises me that Jake and I think the same things at the same time.)

Being in a relationship can be amazing but it always has its down sides and you must remember that with each day your relationship is changing. You should let it, to know if you can really be with someone because as it changes you will quickly learn how you really feel about someone.

Jake and I have had times where things in our relationship have hugely changed and we have argued and really struggled to deal with the changes but I think it has really helped us learn more about each other over the few years we have been together and make some of our own changes to the dynamics of our relationship.


3 thoughts on “10 Realistic Things To Expect When You Have Been In A Relationship For A While

  1. I absolutely love this post! I have had a 2 year relationship in the past and all this things above is so true! In my opinion it’s better like this than dating.. I think comfortability is so attractive

    Thank you for this post m’lovely 😌💕


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