23 Things To Do Before I Turn 23

23 things,

I have always known vaguely where I want to be heading in life, I love to feel organised. I have made a few changes along the way and some have been made for me.

Next spring, I am turning 23 and I wanted to share my list of the things I would like to have done by the time my 23rd Birthday rolls around. Seeing as this year has almost passed me by, I feel like I have had my eyes closed for most of it.

  1. Have a good sum of money saved up to go towards a mortgage (I must adult sometimes.)
  2. Get engaged (although it’s not really my decision when this happens I can only dream!)
  3. Buy the ‘Younger Now’ Miley Cyrus Album Jumper (basically have £64 to spear)
  4. Visit Boston again in the colder months and have another trip planned for the end of next summer to go camping in Maine. (I have booked time off in February I just need to book flights!!)
  5. Visit my Little Sister at Uni. (go on a proper Uni night out as I never went)
  6. Have more of an understanding about construction and plant machinery! (I work in construction, it helps to know lots about it!)
  7. Get Jake to agree to come to Download with me either 2018 or 2019.
  8. Start a Youtube Channel.
  9. Get over 1000 Followers on Twitter/ Instagram.
  10. Work with a few brands, preferably in the beauty department!
  11. Get some subscribers to my Youtube Channel. (Because this always helps)
  12. Make some more Friends in the real world. People who actual enjoy my company and who I share interests with.
  13. Work on my attitude towards life, I would like to be a ‘glass half full’ kind of person and not a ‘glass half empty’ person as the negativity is draining.
  14. Sit down one day and give my blog a completely new look, something personal to me.
  15. Try being Vegan again for at least one month. (I am a vegetarian but I just love cheese too much)
  16. Get Back into my gym routine, work on building my muscles and toning everything else.
  17. Take some amazing pictures with my new Go Pro. (That has not even been delivered yet)
  18. Own the Lauren Mercier ‘Exotique Face Illuminator.’ (Only available online in the US)
  19. Have more plants in my room.
  20. Sell or Give away all my old clothes that I don’t wear anymore.
  21. Take Jake to Go Ape. (He is afraid of heights)
  22. Master the art of drawing on my Eyebrows!
  23. Start going for a run at least once a week again.

So that is it, 23 things I would like to cross off my list before I turn 23 next spring. Some things on my list are more achievable than others but I am still going to try my best.

I will update this as I go and keep updating on twitter, I will report back in May 2018 to find out how well I did.

Let me know what you think of my list or if you have any goals you would like to achieve before your next birthday.


3 thoughts on “23 Things To Do Before I Turn 23

  1. Looks like you’re up for a pretty busy time love😜 it’s good to have some plans and bucket list👍good luck and hope you get what you wish for.. remember 23 is still young;)

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