Sweet, Soft and Silky

Bilou’s Creamy Shower Foam.

Firstly let me tell you a bit about the company. The story behind Bilou starts with a young woman from Cologne called Bibi. Bibi has been publishing beauty videos since 2012 and in 2014 she decided to develop her own products with the help of her boyfriend named Julian. The pair partnered with GmbH of Heidelberg to help develop the products and the design. I love this story because it is screams just go and do it, Bibi is a great role model for young women. Anything is achievable if you want it enough.

I couldn’t decide what aroma to try first out of the wide range on offer. There are so many different aromas from Fizzy Berry, Tasty Donut, Pink Melon, Coco Cocktail to Cotton Candy. These are just some of the amazing aromas Bilou have created. Each bottle of Shower Foam is £3.99 from Superdrug. At first, I thought this was rather expensive when you can buy Radox shower gel for £1, so I decided to only chose two aromas. The two I chose where Tasty Donut and Coco Cocktail.

The design of the bottles is very cute and girly, each bottle has a different colour to it. Tasty Donut has a pale pink coloured spray cap and has a little cartoon donut on the front with pink icing that looks good enough to eat. Coco cocktail has a pale blue coloured spray cap and a Cartoon picture of an exotic drink in a coconut with a flower and a flamingo on the top of it. The aroma of the shower cream is printed at the bottom of the bottle and each one matches the colour of the spray cap. Each bottle also has a cute finishing touch and says, ‘made with love’ on it. Nothing about this product says cheap, so at £3.99 its definitely worth treating yourself to a bottle.

I went about my usual shower routine with the added excitement of having new products to try. I couldn’t help myself and went straight for the Tasty Donut. I took the lid off and gently pressed the cap as a huge fluff of shower foam came shooting out into my hand. I was hit with a deliciously sweet smell with a waft of fruity strawberry to it. This smell was quite overpowering but as I started to use the foam on my skin the smell became much subtler. The coco Cocktail had a very strong coconut smell but with a sickly sweet touch. I found this much more subtler than the Tasty Donut to begin with but it still seemed to last and I could smell it through my room as I got out of the shower and changed.  I only needed one lump of fluff to cover my entire body. The foam was light, soft and fluffy and really made my skin feel clean and smooth.

Later that evening I could still smell the delicious aromas on my skin. I really enjoyed this product it felt like a affordable but luxurious body wash that made my skin feel pampered, it was a treat to use. I can’t wait the try the candy floss Foam and Pink Melon one next.


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