The Maine

I haven’t been to a gig for a few years now so my excitement level was through the roof. Jake had never been to a gig (I told him concerts didn’t count) so he was looking forward to experiencing something I talk about all the time.

Living in a Village in the middle of nowhere it is always a trek to get up to London but this was so worth it. I drove Jake and I to the over ground station ‘Bishops Stortford’ where we began our journey to Camden. It took us an hour and a half to get to Camden Town station and then a short walk to ‘KoKo’.

Koko is a great venue for gigs it gives you the freedom to use each level, both bars and the main floor at the bottom in front of the stage. Jake and I started out on the middle level after promptly spending an exorbitant amount of money on two drinks. We missed the opening act ‘The Technicolors’ and most of the second act ‘Night Riots’. The last few songs we heard from Night Riots I didn’t know but it was a great start to the evening and really got the crowd worked up and ready for main act‘The Maine’

Before the Maine came on we decided to get more involved (after getting another drink) so we went down to the main area at the bottom. We found a nice spot on the right hand side that gave us a great view and gave me enough room to poorly dance the night away.

Finally, the moment I had waited over three months for The Maine came on stage. I couldn’t help but grin throughout the entire set. John O’Callaghan knows how to put on a show, he had the just the right amount of chatter to the music. Everyone was really involved in the moment and he made it enjoyable we had a great evening listening to his jokes and obviously his voice.

The Maine played all their hits plus new ones, everyone was singing along and dancing. The venue had great acoustics would go to a gig here again. Jake thoroughly enjoyed his gig experience and I may have converted him!


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