Forbidden Forest, September 2017

I had read a few reviews after spontaneously booking the tickets for Forbidden Forest Festival as a friend had asked if I would go with her to celebrate her birthday. Most reviews I had read were good ones, so apart from the fact I am not really into the music I thought I would be a fun day out.

When we arrived, it was about 1:30pm and thankfully we had missed the first rush at 12pm when they opened the gates! The three of us walked straight in, got our wristbands and headed to the drinks tickets tent!

The drinks tickets were super overpriced but we decided to just put thirty pounds in each and get thirty drinks tokens, ten each to last us the day. We were very disappointed to find that they didn’t have Gin and Tonic at the bar. In the end, we opted for beer, cider and hooch.

After sorting out our tokens and getting ourselves needed drink we headed to check out the different music tents. There were four tents in total the NOUVM, Kooky, UKF and the Bunker tent. The three of us spent most of our time at the UKF tent and danced away the day to acts like North Base, logistics and of course the only act any of us knew the name of, Sub Focus.

To be completely honest there is only so much bobbing up and down you can do in a twelve hour period, we discovered you only really need two body parts for a festival like this your index finger and middle finger together and you can finger bob your way through the twelve hours of the festival.

They had a wide range of food stalls, pizza, chicken, wraps and your typical festival burger and hot dogs. We headed right for one called ‘Easy Cheesy’ to get some deep fried curly fries loaded with cheese sauce, they were delicious if not a bit messy.

Forbidden Forest didn’t have much to do when you were not bobbing to the base but it did have a glitter tent, a merchandise stall and a stand full of masks and sunglasses that we avoided like the plague because the prices were ridiculous.

As the night went on the crowds got bigger and obvious more drunk. It was starting to get a cold as it got dark and I had even contemplated leaving early, when we decided to go into the depths of the crowd to penguin our way to warmth together. This strategy only worked to an extent, until I got hit in the head with a bottle full of something that took two showers to get out of my hair. I wasn’t just cold now I was shivering, damp and sticky. It took me far too long to cheer up again after this incident, but I got there eventually.

The three of us danced through until around 11pm when we decided to try and miss the rush at the end and call our taxi early, we gave it 20 minutes and we headed out of the venue to find Andy our Taxi Driver. Just as we got to the parked cars we saw Andy pull up, we jumped in and we were out of Donington park. On the way back we saw everyone walking and waiting for busses and couldn’t be more relived to be sitting in our warm taxi.

Thanks Forbidden Forest for the experience but it’s not for me, I might see Donington next year for Download though, it’s a great site.

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