It’s Nice in Nice

My First Review

Be kind,

At the beginning of this summer my younger sister was one in a million who won a competition on Kiss Radio’s website. Katie won a four-day trip for two to the city on Nice in France, this included a four-star hotel with breakfast, EasyJet flights from London Stansted Airport and a four course meal in a Michelin star restaurant with wine.

To be completely truthful I wasn’t her first pick for this trip but after a few things changed for her over the summer I was top of the list and I wasn’t complaining.

We arrived at Stansted around 5:15am for the 7am flight and thankfully my future brother in law works for M.A.G the company that looks after the airport. Callum had kindly got us some Fast Track tickets for security. It took us no time at all to speed through all the hundreds of people also traveling that morning and get ourselves into Duty Free. We stumbled through all the half asleep shoppers and headed to Leon (The best Coffee in the airport) to grab a Coffee before heading to the gate.

Thankfully we arrived at the gate early and managed to keep our cases from being put in the hold. Once boarded and comfortably settled in our seats Katie fell asleep, it felt like no time at all until we were up in the air and as soon as we were we were on our way down and landing. The flight was around an hour and a half long witch Is nothing compared to my flights to and from America in June.

At around 10am we were just coming out into the arrivals terminal and we spot our taxi driver, he promptly took both our bags and escorted us to the car. Unfortunately, neither of our French is up to scratch so apart from ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ we couldn’t say much. 20 minutes later we were at our hotel ‘Le Perouse’ right on the beach front and a five minute walk from ‘Massena Square’ (all the shops) and we were only two minutes from the flower market.

The hotel was very clean and tidy. The service we received from the front desk was excellent and thankfully for us they spoke more English than our taxi driver. Our room was a twin room with a bathroom and shower, we also had a little balcony with a table and chairs but it was mostly shielded from the sun so we didn’t really use it. It was the perfect size for us.

We had a lovely time over the few days we were there. Katie and I went around the markets hunting for all the tiny hidden shops, in the end the only things we bought were a hand painted Oil bottle with Nice on it for our parents and some little hand painted trinket bowls off of the Flower Market. We ate at two small restaurants in the heart of the Old Town on our first and second nights. Katie and I didn’t do too well at exploring the French cuisine as we had half a margarita pizza each and some cocktails on both nights. The Pizzas were cooked to perfection both on stone pizza ovens, we defiantly made a good choice.

On our third night we were lucky enough to experience what it’s like being able to afford £137 each worth of food and wine at JAN a Michelin star restaurant. When we arrived dressed to impress the lady waiting to greet people looked a little shocked that two young girls were eating in such a fancy place, we smiled and walked in heads held high.

Once we were seated we received a welcome treat from the chef, it was a savoury cucumber macaroon that I decided to put in my mouth whole only to realise I didn’t like the taste at all but had to now chew and swallow it with my best face on. Second was a mini poppadum type crisp with a curry flavour sauce and balsamic vinegar popping balls on top, all I can say is I am so glad I didn’t eat this first it was delicious for its size and had so much flavour.

Our first set of dishes consisted of a warm poppy seed bread that tasted as good as it looked and smelt we also got a little vegetable pile in a bowl and our server poured a gravy like sauce in a circle around it, I couldn’t even tell you what it was or what it tasted like but neither of us enjoyed it. Katie and I stuck to our poppy seed bread and the first wine of the evening, a dry white that I went on to have two glasses of.

Our next dish was one of my favourites from the evening, it was a circular piece of tofu on a caramelised onion sauce topped with sun dried tomato paste. I really enjoyed this dish it was light and had a lovely flavour a mix of sweet and savoury.

So, after feeling more confident we would enjoy the food they were bringing us we quickly changed our minds when they brought us the next two dishes together. First was a sweet bread paired with a banana butter, the bread was lovely with a sweet glaze on top but the banana butter was a bit lumpy and not very sweet at all. The second dish was a squid ink ravioli filled with a vegetable paste on top of chopped aubergine with a passion fruit sauce and lemon juice flavoured popping balls. This was a rainbow of colours that I don’t think really worked together, not for my taste buds anyway. We also got given our second wine with these dishes, we got a chardonnay that was slightly disappointing as I enjoyed the first white wine so much better.

By this point in the meal my sister was gagging for a meat dish as everything seemed to be catered more towards me being a vegetarian. Katie’s prayers were answered however when they brought her Lamb and gravy, instead I got a delicious lump of tofu smothered in a hazelnut syrup and covered in crushed hazelnuts. I again really enjoyed this dish and could have eaten it twice. On the side, we both received a bowl with a fancy looking mashed potato and homemade crisps, this was also delicious and went very well with the main dish. The wine we received was a red, now I know nothing about red wine and don’t like it very much but it did compliment the dishes when I tasted it.

Our last course we were very excited for, desert. Unfortunately I think they tried too hard as instead of a rich dark chocolate dish we had hoped for we got given a white chocolate, cauliflower and aniseed mouse around a lemon sorbet on top of a biscuit base. Katie and I were very disappointed with this and left most of it. I also did not enjoy the desert wine either as it was very sweet and overpowering.

Just as we were building ourselves us to leave thinking that was it, our server brought us one more dish, a plate with three mini deserts each a vanilla tart, campaign chocolate cup and a vanilla white chocolate cake. I couldn’t have scoffed these down any quicker than I did. Feeling much better and not having to get the bill we took a slow walk back to our hotel along the edge of the port. It was a great end to our little three night trip.

I honestly had a fantastic few days exploring Nice in the hot weather with my Little sister and I can’t wait to go back with my other half and do some more exploring.

Thanks Kiss Radio for paying the bill.

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